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may 24,2015 12 comments

Attention Yanking

“Ding” – a certain ring – another text from the rest, or a news to one’s lust – Could it be the banks looking for yanks or is it the boss forfeiting my checks – could it be worthy of my care or is it just the bulky dust ?

Thinking of the notifications we receive daily on our mobile phones – SMS, social media, phone calls, mails and others. The constant urge to be withdrawn from reality has surrounded us resulting this age of self-absorption.

“Yanking “– A sudden hard pull …

Get it together Man – this is confusing! What is mobile yanking? Is that even a thing? You just made it up, didn’t you?

Aha – Yes I just did – HELP ME.

Elaboration in progress – Mobiles are taking most of our times – it’s too obvious to state they are our best friends & we are highly attached to them, Even in a third world Country Like us, Ethiopia, mobiles are yanking us into a fantasy world of access and uncontrollable rise in demands. In the middle of this delusion, consumerism revolts our rational side unleashing the GREED, which is of course necessary for personal and social development. Mobiles are banking our thoughts, emotions and money passing it into a heap of database which is being used against us to engineer our thinking and trap our attention.

But Why, How & Who is doing this? Is this even a technology article?

Apologies Sir – for the tough words and terms I laid up on your brain.


Our Dearest Oxford would say attention is a special care or consideration for a person’s behavior as an indication of affection or sexual interest. Adding on that, I would say it’s the need for total acceptance without judgment and a few likes, tags, comments on a couple of social medias, Thus mobiles are helping us serve the perfect dose of affection on time, hence scratching our backs which are so much in need of a proper massage.

We can dive into the technologies operating principles and give you introductions on the basics, but you don’t want that. So let’s take you behind the scene, at the core of every technological product on the internet – professionals designated as attention engineers work daily setting their main purpose of designing a user experience (UX) and finding ways to produce addictive features to make sure you, the user, are constantly using their mobile technology. Creating the most popular platforms on the internet required experts from different fields, and you would be surprised to hear some specialist’s and their roles in a technology company.

Zooming in – Attention Engineering is the use of psychological vulnerabilities, customer needs, & product features to make the best sell. To achieve thus, Attention Engineers don’t hesitate to use your likes, dislikes, deepest fears, & submitted information’s to analyze your habits to send the right amount of dopamine your way. Attention engineers collaborate with “Tec Freaks” to develop algorithms, set of rules & conditions, to automatically analyze billions of user information’s outputting the optimized recommendation systems seemingly an artificial intelligent understanding. Organizations & other professions participating in this undefined evil doing include, National Governments, Corporations, Financial Manipulators, Primitive Factions, Religious Institutions, Psychiatrist, Marketers, Researchers, … the list goes on. All this role players with their own objectives and Agenda which are far hidden from the user – probably for good – as full transparency is a fuel on a burning fire.

Wrapping Up – The mobile yanking is taking us deep into physical loneliness & digital crowd deeming the need for deep thinking – training arrogance at the same time assuring and supporting our life style. Differentiating being yanked and properly utilizing the technological platforms needs awareness.

Mobile Yanking – a sudden hard pull from reality into a digital crowd due to portable technologies characterized with physical absence, poor concentration, and hyperactivity to gather world market assessment.