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Coffee Plaza Business
Hahu Tours and Travel Travel Agency
ELIA Leather Association
Heritage Watch Association
AMCSMS Mothers and Children Hospital

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We deliver for different service providers, associations and business firms. We have officially have been operating for more than two years since ours establishment in August 2018 G.C.

Our company gets its name from the Amharic word “ማለፊያ” meaning satisfactory.

Being so, Malefia Youth have been investigating the market need, tech trend and quality of service(QoS) on the sector. As a result, we have felt a pull to play our part in the technological adoption in Ethiopia, Africa in large.

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Tech News

Ethiopian Technology Sector and COVID-19

Ethiopian Technology Sector and COVID-19

May 8, 2021 Malefia ICT

Ethiopian Technology Sector and COVID-19

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Mobile Banking

Mobile Banking

May 8, 2021 Malefia ICT

Attention Yanking “Ding” – a certain ring – another text from the rest, or a news to one’s lust – Could it be the banks looking for yanks or is it the boss forfeiting my checks – could it be worthy of my care or is it just the bulky dust ? Thinking of the […]

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