About Malefia Technologies

We are Malefia Youth‟s delivering ICT Solutions for different service providers, associations
and business firms. Malefia officially have been operating for a year since its establishment in
August 2018. Our company gets its name from the Amharic word “ማለፊያ” meaning

“Be ever at what is Good”

“ ሁሌም በጥሩ ተገኝ”

Choose your plan with malefia

Malefia Provides different kinds of websites from static to dynamic website. The Box’s indicated below are few of Malefia’s website design options. If there is any questions or inquiry don’t hesitate to call or send as a message.

Static DEsign

Easily navigable and attractive interfaces

Responsive websites to fit any device i.e. Smart Phone, Tablets and PCs

Developing and modifying website contents


Custom WP themes development and Modification

Simple editing and content management tools

Search engine optimization and analysis

MAlefia Admin

Attractive and creative graphical designs

Embedding Precise Admin panels to meet client's request

Multiple Content Management systems